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3 April/May 2018 | Contents Unmanned Systems Technology | April/May 2018 04 Intro A strong focus on safety marks a fundamental shift in the industrial development of unmanned system technologies 06 Platform one: Mission-critical info Ford plans autonomous police patrols, more new air taxis start flight tests, 3D printing yields low-cost hyperspectral sensor, Space Station astronauts to get AI assistance, and much more 18 In conversation: Saif-Deen Akanni Founder of UAV developer Sentient Blue explains how a prior career in motorsport prepared him for this new phase of his life 22 Dossier: Navya Autonom Cab Previous development experience with its Shuttle means Navya could be the first to market with a driverless taxi 36 Focus: Battery technology We explain the existing – and emerging – options for powering unmanned systems, and the crucial differences between them 46 Insight: UGVs Ground vehicles are being deployed in a growing range of sectors, using some intriguing technological approaches 54 Dossier: UAV Factory UAV28-EFI We examine this dependable two-stroke in detail, which can now be used by other UAV manufacturers 66 Digest: Swiss Aerobotics Hummel This airborne craft started out as a concept for an air taxi – now it’s also a system for targeting and capturing rogue UAVs 74 Show report: UMEX 2018 Product highlights from the only exhibition in the Middle East dedicated to unmanned systems and technologies 80 Focus: Antenna systems What you need to know about choosing the right antenna for a given unmanned platform, and why its early integration is vital 92 Show report: Oceanology International 2018 Our review of the key innovations on display at this biennial ocean technology and marine engineering exhibition 98 PS: SABRE rocket engine How this revolutionary space plane power plant manages the prodigious amounts of heat it generates 66 22 06 46 54