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64 G uardBot, based in Connecticut, USA, has developed a rolling spherical robot that can handle a range of environments for monitoring and surveillance applications. It uses an innovative battery-driven dual pendulum system to produce drive in a stable manner to allow cameras and other sensors to operate effectively. The system was initially designed by researchers in Scandinavia for a planetary mission on Mars, and has been developed by GuardBot to operate in terrestrial environments that are off limits to wheeled or tracked systems. It takes a different approach to ground- based unmanned systems in a number of ways. It uses a scalable, spherical Nick Flaherty explains the workings of this unusual spherical unmanned system, and the novel way in which it gets its propulsion Whole new ball game The GuardBot’s design enables it to operate over a range of environments, including marshland and on water June/July 2018 | Unmanned Systems Technology