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22 A iming the new SkyRobot FX450 at what he sees as a growing segment between the hobbyist market dominated by DJI and the established tactical UAVs operated by the US military and others, Robot Aviation’s CEO Børre Larsen wants this 180 kg canard pusher to be thought of as the Toyota Land Cruiser of the commercial UAV business. The emphasis is on rugged dependability with polish. The ‘polish’ in this case is not from any high-gloss paint for example but from the kind of vinyl wrap beloved of car customisers. The company is in the process of turning itself from a platform- centric start-up created by enthusiasts into an OEM that is focused on the systems engineering needed to create UAVs that can serve as turnkey industrial tools with military potential. The FX450 is the largest member of a family of three vehicles that also includes Peter Donaldson reports on the development of this rugged, reliable all-weather UAV system Rough rider August/September 2018 | Unmanned Systems Technology