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22 K nown for its THeMIS tracked military UGV, young Estonian company Milrem Robotics is also developing a commercial version known as the Multiscope, which will be sold under the compnay’s Sinrob brand. The Multiscope is intended for applications including agriculture and mining, firefighting and rescue missions, with progressively more autonomous capabilities conceived as mission- specific add-ons. Development work on the THeMIS began at the end of 2014. Milrem wanted to build a system that could serve in many different applications, and it worked with the Estonian Defence Forces to define basic parameters such as payload capacity, speed and off-road terrain capabilities. That process led to a vehicle consisting of a pair of largely self-contained track modules with a flat payload platform in between. Peter Donaldson explains why the development of this UGV has hinged on a modular design using COTS components wherever possible Commercial off the shelf The Estonian Rescue Board uses a Multiscope prototype with a hose connected to a fire engine to fight a blaze on a firing range (Courtesy of Milrem) December/January 2019 | Unmanned Systems Technology