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92 N ow a regular fixture of the unmanned systems trade show circuit, the Commercial UAV Expo returned to the Westgate Las Vegas Hotel & Casino in October 2018 for the fourth of its annual shows. This year’s conference and exhibition saw 168 exhibitors from 22 countries showcasing their latest innovations to more than 2300 visitors from around the world. MicaSense attended the expo to unveil its new payload for UAVs conducting agricultural surveys. The Altum camera comprises sensors aimed at simultaneously capturing thermal, multi-spectral and high-resolution imagery for data analytics. “Our original RedEdge-M had five spectral bands – blue, green, red, red- edge and near-infrared,” Drew Baustian explained. “Those imagers, for that camera, had resolutions of 1.2 MP per band, which allowed us to capture data with a spatial resolution of around 8 cm per pixel while photographing at 400 ft. “With this new camera, we use the same spectral bands but each imager is 3.2 MP, so it’s between two and three times the resolution, and about 5 cm per pixel at 400 ft.” In addition to installing more advanced imagers, larger lenses have been integrated to aid in resolution improvement. A thermal imager from FLIR has also Rory Jackson returns from this Las Vegas show with his rundown of the technological developments that were on display Fourth year running December/January 2019 | Unmanned Systems Technology Nearly 170 companies attended the show, which drew more than 2300 visitors from around the world MicaSense’s Altum farm surveys camera