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3 June/July 2019 | Contents Unmanned Systems Technology | June/July 2019 04 Intro Simulation is transforming the development of unmanned systems, but its price in terms of data storage is a hefty one 06 Platform one: Mission-critical info Engineers debut a prototype UAV with no moving control surfaces, UAV interceptor packs a 12-gauge shotgun, car control system learns from driver experience, researchers demonstrate a UGV that can pull a 3.3 tonne aircraft, and much more 18 In conversation: Tom Frost FLIR’s head of unmanned ground systems explains what inspired him to pursue a career in robotics 22 Dossier: Tecdron TC-800 FF Focusing the development of this UGV initially on firefighting has yielded a platform that will be versatile enough to be used in a range of other sectors 34 Focus: Propellers There is a growing trend towards designing and manufacturing a propeller that has been optimised for a specific type of UAV. We examine the technologies underpinning that capability 44 Insight: USVs Traditional boat-like hulls are making way for designs that provide greater USV stability in various weather conditions, as this slew of recent developments illustrates 52 Show report: AUVSI Xponential 2019 The first of our two-part report from the world’s pre-eminent exhibition for unmanned technologies 64 Dossier: Robby Moto UAVE Take a range extender system for the automotive sector as the basis of a UAV engine and you get this four-stroke boxer twin 74 Digest: Singular Aircraft FlyOx What was originally a UAV for fighting fires has now been adapted to drop supplies and medicines into disaster-hit areas 80 In operation: Teledyne SeaRaptor We explain how this AUV was developed to enable it to carry out surveys down to 6000 m under the sea 84 Focus: Simulation and testing Creating virtual models of unmanned systems is revolutionising the testing of unmanned systems. Here are the key techniques and what they offer 92 Show report: Ocean Business 2019 Our highlights of the innovative technologies that were on display at this marine systems show 98 PS: A tax on robots While attractive, the idea of taxing robots that replace human labour ignores the complexities of defining them for tax purposes 44 80 06 22 34