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92 H osted at the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton, England, Ocean Business 2019 drew together over 330 companies and 5000 visitors from more than 60 countries, to exhibit and discuss the latest in marine innovation and operations – with unmanned systems taking prominence as organisations aim to reduce costs and risks. SBG Systems presented its new Horizon-grade IMU, the company’s first fibre optic gyroscope (FOG) inertial sensor, as part of its Navsight Marine line of inertial navigation solutions. “Low dynamic applications, urban canyons and large bridge crossings can push the limits of what MEMS technology can provide,” said Ludovic Bazin, adding that Horizon has been designed to fill this gap by addressing the most demanding survey applications, for which MEMS IMUs are insufficient. The Horizon IMU provides roll and pitch measurements accurate down to 0.007°, real-time heave measurements to 5 cm (or to less than 2 cm using delayed heave algorithms) and heading to 0.01°. “That performance is a result of Horizon’s closed-loop FOG technology, and it can be further improved in post-processing using our Qinertia software,” said Bazin. The Horizon module is currently intended for surface applications such as hydrographic survey USVs. It comes in an IP68-rated enclosure, measures 150 x 168 x 215 mm and weighs 4.9 kg. As mentioned, the Horizon IMU is integrated in the Navsight product line, with a direct interface to the same topside processing unit used by the NavSight Apogee and Ekinox IMUs. The topside unit measures 227 x 156 x 63 mm, weighs 1.9 kg, and consumes up to 7 W when coupled with an RTK GNSS receiver as well as an Horizon IMU. June/July 2019 | Unmanned Systems Technology Rory Jackson reports from this hands-on show with details of the latest technologies for marine autonomy Putting to sea The UK’s National Oceanography Centre has proved the ideal venue for the Ocean Business show