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3 June/July 2020 | Contents Unmanned Systems Technology | June/July 2020 04 Intro Announcing our new, free USE Network service 06 Platform one: Mission-critical info First production car with Level 3 autonomy starts shipping, satellite positioning with six-axis IMU unveiled, researchers use a team of different vehicles to map an area of the ocean bed, and more 16 USE Network launch Details of our initiative to provide technological solutions to the industry – the Unmanned Systems Engineering Network 20 In conversation: Bjorn Gjelstad Kongsberg Maritime’s marine robotics manager explains how his background led to his latest work surrounding the Hugin AUV 24 Dossier: UAV Works VALAQ family Take a flying-wing planform, use propellers to allow it to take off and land vertically without needing rotor tilting mechanisms and you get this tail-sitter with high speed and a long range 36 Focus: Cable harnesses We explore the latest options for connecting up the burgeoning range of subsystems in unmanned vehicles 46 Insight: USVs Development activity in the marine sector continues to grow, as this round-up of some new systems amply demonstrates 54 Show update: AUVSI Xponential 2020 In light of this show’s delay, developers have been unveiling new products during the lockdown. Here are some highlights 62 Digest: MARIN modular AUV We look at how this blank-sheet design is helping its Dutch research institute developers expand its autonomy testing toolbox 68 Dossier: Suter Industries TOA 288 The design and development story behind this naturally aspirated two-stroke boxer, the first in what is set to become a family of high-end UAV engines 76 In Operation: Vitirover UGV An object lesson in keeping it simple, with this automated grass- mowing and weed-control vehicle 82 Focus: AI systems New ways of providing AI for unmanned systems are emerging. We look at and explain the key advances 92 Digest: Vtrus Autonomy Brain Implant The ABI is a ‘head’ that fits on different vehicle bodies to provide navigation in GNSS-denied environments. Here’s how it works 98 PS: Unmanned systems in pandemics How do you decontaminate UAVs that are used to help stop the spread of infectious diseases? Here are some solutions 20 46 62 76 24