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Ground- breaking applications 58 O ver the past decade, UGVs have become established as highly effective solutions for cutting costs and saving lives in markets such as logistics, transportation, defence and commercial inspections. They can hold their position, speed and angle of incline far better than UAVs, without having to expend power on fighting gravity, and without anywhere near as high a risk of colliding with people or objects. As a result, they have made their way into unusual new markets and working environments. Many of these have featured in previous issues of this magazine, from food delivery and logging (see UST 37, April/May 2021) to dairy farming and airport baggage handling ( UST 31, April/May 2020) as well as roadworks and litter picking on city streets ( UST 25, April/May 2019). Rory Jackson finds that unmanned ground vehicles are increasingly being deployed in some surprising new markets April/May 2022 | Unmanned Systems Technology Autonomous charging robots could move around parking lots and save EV drivers having to worry about parking near charge points (Courtesy of TU Graz)