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90 A fter almost 2 years since its last live event, the Consumer Electronics Show returned to Las Vegas with more than 45,000 attendees walking the floor. The return of international travel also allowed 30% of the attendees to come from 118 countries outside the US. New products and innovations from more than 2300 companies – including major names such as Nvidia, Qualcomm, Panasonic and BMW, as well as upwards of 800 start-ups – were on display, with their exhibitors eager to showcase two years of r&d to potential customers, partners and investors. The results of their r&d ran the gamut of critical industries and applications, including new automotive technology, AI, robotics, digital health, smart homes and more unveiled on the show floor, in the conference halls and on the digital platform for those who could not attend. Many of these new products and partnerships are related directly to the latest advances in vehicle autonomy, intelligence and safety. SkyDrive travelled from Tokyo to showcase its urban air taxi solution, the Model SD-03, for the first time outside Japan. The vehicle is designed as an ultra- light and compact aircraft, it being a single- seater rather than the typical multi-seat urban air taxi, and has thus far completed its tests for manned/piloted flight. “What we want to see in the future is that SkyDrive’s emissions-free vehicles take off from and land in your parking lot and helipads atop buildings, making door-to- door air travel a realistic choice for daily urban transportation,” said Takehiro Sato. Developers were clearly busy during the enforced absence of this show as a live event, as Rory Jackson reports with his pick of the new product highlights Consumer confidence April/May 2022 | Unmanned Systems Technology The Consumer Electronics Show returned in live form to Las Vegas in January 2022, with countless unveilings of new tech for the autonomous and connected world