Unmanned Systems Technology 023 I Milrem Multiscope I Wireless charging I Logistics insight I InterGeo, CUAV London & USA show reports I VideoRay Defender I OS Engines GR400U-FI I Ultrabeam Hydrographic Ultra-2 I IMUs

3 December/January 2019 | Contents Unmanned Systems Technology | December/January 2019 04 Intro Impending approval of beyond-line-of-sight missions are set to spur a dramatic rise in UAV systems and technologies 06 Platform one: Mission-critical info First ion-powered UAV makes its debut, USV system for sea rescues proposed, engineers look to adapt ROS software for self-driving cars, and more 18 In conversation: Dr Jenny Kingston This senior academic shares and explains her passion for autonomous space systems 22 Dossier: Milrem Multiscope How expertise in the military realm has been fed into the development of this commercial and modular UGV 34 Focus: Wireless charging We explain how the various technologies work and which applications are best suited to each kind 44 Insight: Logistics The industry is catching on to the value of unmanned vehicles for ferrying cargo and managing warehouse inventories 50 Show report: InterGeo 2018 Our round-up of some of the latest geo-information products and services that were on display at this exhibition 56 Digest: VideoRay Defender The development of this survey and inspection UUV is a prime example of the value of teamwork 62 Dossier: OS Engines GF400U-FI ‘Keep it simple’ was the mantra underpinning the creation of this four-stroke UAV engine 70 In operation: Ultrabeam Hydrographic Ultra-2 If you want something done well, do it yourself – a principle this company adopted when building its survey USV 74 Show report: Commercial UAV Show London 2018 Product highlights from this latest exhibition in the UK’s capital 80 Focus: IMUs, gyros and accelerometers We examine the advances in MEMS technology, which are set to drive a growing specialisation of inertial sensors 92 Show report: Commercial UAV Expo 2018 Some of the innovations that were on display in Las Vegas 98 PS: Bipedal robots Boston Dynamics’ Handle, and its ‘humanoid’ characteristics 44 80 56 22 34